What is Sitemap How To Create Sitemap

What is Sitemap How To Create Sitemap

we thing a sitemap is a script of some word. it is not just simple word script it is most importnant for our website. This script is main thing for our website for adding our wwebsite in google search consule being webmaster tools and all word to search engines. This script consist of some word.

sitemap is a one of thing who can use in when we add our website in google search consule. If we want to add our site in google search consule then we need site mao of our website. After reading this artical you can create any website sitemap easily.

how to create site map script and submit in our website and added on google search console .

⦁ copy your website domain nam include https and www and .com

⦁ after copy your domain link go to sitemap genrator (genrate now)

⦁ past your domain in box

⦁ and then click on sitemap genrate butten
⦁ copy all genrate script

⦁ go to blog setting and open Custom robots.txt

⦁ past your site map on your Custom robots.txt box and enable it

⦁ when google search consule reuird sitemap cope script after

your domain they starting from (atom) and past it from sitemap option.

in this way we can simple genrate our sitemap script and add our script in our website. this script is veery simple for adding our site in google search consule and many more search engines. we can use this script when required it. it espacily reuird hen we sign up in being web master tool and google search consule. beacuse these two main tools in word best search engine tools. but other some search tools we can add our site without sitemap they cannot dimaond any site map script or some more things.

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