Top 5 Anger Management Apps For Android And iOS Download Now

Top 5 Anger Management Apps For Android And iOS 2019

Do you struggle with your thoughts and feelings? Are you angry for a small thing? Do you want to control or manage your anger? Furious management apps help you manage your anger in less time. You must complete the tasks listed in the Furious Management app. Many angry management apps are available for Android and iOS users. We are doing 15 best listings for you so that you can easily get anger management app to control your anger.


AIMS is one of the best angry management apps for Android and iOS. It is designed for members of veterans and military service but anyone who can deal with anger issues can also be used. The app has educated consumers about the opportunity to find anger, help. At the same time, it also allows you to create custom tools based on your preferences, and integrate their own contacts, photos, and music. You can use this app alone, or with an online course or individual therapy.


Pacifica and another popular anger management app for Android and iOS. This is a great app to remove stress, worry and depression. He has recorded more than 30 audio exercises in which sounds can be made comfortable, deep breathing, muscle relaxation, brain meditation, and more. At the same time, you can also use this app as a fitness coach app that uses Daily Health Goals to influence the diagnosis. This free app option is available as well as with different features to use.

3- Simple habit

Simple Habib is a meditation app for Android and iOS users who can help you control your anger. You can reduce stress, improve attention, better sleep, fast comfortable, easy to breath and motivate for maximum 5 minutes / day. It provides guidelines for new meditation by the best teachers of the world, from the exotic monks of former monks in Google. You can also use yoga apps to learn yoga and meditation on your Android and iOS device. One of the best features of this app is to grow automatically and to enhance the feeling of all users’ approaches.

4- Calm down

Cool, Android and iOS is one of the best apps for sleep, meditation and comfort. This is a great mental application that includes hundreds of programs for all users. There are over 100 special sleep stories for calm adults and children. It also included a 10-minute program to help you unwantedly or easily before the bed. You can use this special music engine as a means of spreading the app for mentally and aggressively in order to relax your body during this day.

5- TemperTab

TemperTab Edwin Technologies Inc. is a popular popular rage management app developed for Android and iOS users. It helps you control your mood, set goals, track your growth, and work to lead a healthy and happy lifestyle. You can also set weekly goals, track your progress, and use day planning apps for others. It helps you stay busy in new tasks so that you can easily control your anger. At the same time it allows you to get tips on efficient text, funny sounds, funny photos, Gifs and your Android and iOS devices for free.

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