Realme Pattern And Realme All Frp Bypass Without Box And Software 2020

Realme Pattern And Realme All Frp Bypass Without Box And Software 2020

Now you can easily unlock Realme 1, Realme U1, Realme 3 via miracle box 2.82 without box software, it’s great software to remove passwords, and bypass FR from your android devices. P, all you need to do is download and install your software. Computer, and then connect the device to a computer, then simply remove the password, and simply bypass the Google Account.

This model was not supported but with OTA Update A3x A2x Miracle Box 2.82 without box, we found a new way to unlock which was tested by the team.

Note: This works with the last 2.82 (without miracle box 2.82) setup

How to do

Separate Phone Open Screw Warranty COPO and Restore Food Open Sticker Foil on Ram can be protected. Compare this to the Gnd Connect cable with a photo shortcut and wait for the MTT port upper start operation to be connected to the battery.

Note that this is not the latest. These shared tricks are not the latest in the first and last thing in the world.

Without Realbox 1, Realme U1, Realme 3 FRP and Pattern Lock reset steps

  • Launch Miracle Software
  • Select the MTK tab
  • Select the Services tab
  • Select the Format option
  • Choose the eighth boot in the boot slack option
  • Select Realme 1 at the bottom of the drop down menu
  • Uncheck Safe Mode and select Advanced (FRP)
  • Click the Start tab and select None on the popup screen
  • Now shorten the test point (new way) to connect the USB cable
  • When the process begins, release the keys.
  • After formatting, turn on the phone and wait for it to load. Depending on the phone, it may take up to 5
  • minutes.
  • That’s it !!

Miracle Box 2.82 Thunder Edition without working 100% 2019
File Name: – Miracle Box 2.82
File size: 713 MB
Password: -Fifialroms
File link: –

   Click  Here                       Download

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