How To Make Money Create Your Own App l Admob Make Money

How To Make Money Create Your Own App l Admob Make Money

How are you okay, so I’ll tell you about Admob today that how you can make money by earning it. Without Coding, you can earn a lot of money. It will tell you inside and easily understand you and share this post with your friends because the intention of reward and reading this post for the last.

How To Create Own App Without Coding.

First you type in Google search/ After you search for this website, this website will be visible to you and you have to click on and you have to sign up after clicking.

After  this web site you will find a lot of apps, if you want the app, you click on it and after clicking it you want to customize it and customize this image, because it will automatically custamize you. And name your name, then you will have an option to show its monetization and I’ll tell you .


How To monetization Your App ?

First of all, you have to write after Google search, Admob will see you on the site if you have to click on it and create your account and then make AIDS you have written the Monetize application you have written The European app will then have to click on it if you have to do so, you can easily see it again.

  • First You Create Admob Account Verifed after 24 hour
  • Create Ads on The Admobe Two Ads
  • 1 Banner Ad 2 Inters… ad
  • Past Ads On You app
  • Website name :
  • Create Your Own App
  • Browser, Gallery, Massenger, Etc

Still, if you have problems with the people, then let’s tell you I’ll solve that problem and if you do not make me commute, please email me if you can email me. Will be.


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