Facebook Best Auto Liker 1 Click 1000 Like

Facebook Best Auto Liker 1 Click 1000 Like Auto like your friends’ posts with this Facebook automation Everyone loves to have its posts appreciated. It shows that a person cared and liked what you posted your very own little square of the web. But scrolling thru the Facebook feed can get very time-eating, right away. How approximately you setup this manner on automatic via mechanically liking some posts or some pals? Facebook Auto Liker permits you to get the quality from both world: Pleasing your buddies in addition to saving plenty of time.

How to begin automobile liking content on Facebook in 2 minutes?

1. What’s my cookie? Easy & secure authentication This automation will connect to the internet site in your behalf. The safest and maximum efficient manner for Phantombuster to authenticate as your self is via the use of your consultation cookies. To make that technique as smooth as viable you may use Phantombuster’s browser extension. It’s a 2-click on installation.

Get It From Chrome Or Get It From Mozila

If you’re operating from every other browser and/or want to do it manually, here is a way to do it.

2. Specify which Facebook customers you want to robotically like content from Create a spreadsheet on Google Spreadsheet.

Fill it with Facebook profile URLs. One profile URL in step with row, all in column A. Paste the spreadsheet’s URL to Phantombuster.

three. Set this Facebook automation on repeat Automation usually produces higher results over the long term. Set this automation on repeat and get outcomes even as you’re away.

Recommendations Proxy:

Since Phantombuster’s servers are placed all over the international, Facebook might to keep in mind the ones login attempts as uncommon sports. It’s probable that they’ll then temporarily lock your account and ask you to verify your login. In order to apply the Facebook APIs to their max potential, we suggest the use of a proxy close to you.

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